Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roast Meat with Beans



  • 3,30 pounds of Roast 
  • Flavors: garlic, rosemary, bay leaves
  • Mixed fried (celery, onions, carrots) *
  • White Wine
  • 2 cans Beans

* You can use the fried frozen

  1. Fry the flavors with oil and butter;
  2. Add meat and brown it well over medium heat; 
  3. Put the lid on, lower the heat and cook slowly, stirring often the roast;
  4. When the it begin to dry, add the white wine little by little it evaporates; the meat cooking time is about 1 / 2 hour 3 / 4 of an hour;
  5. Cooked meat, let it cool off from the pot;
  6. Cook the beans in the sauce the roast;
  7. Cut the meat into sliced thin enough, add it in the pan with the beans and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes.